// friday thoughts on things //



1 // We are wrapping up my “Client Freaking Fabulous’s” Kitchen and living room. It’s really beyond gorgeous if I do say so myself and I  am excited for the big reveal! Hopefully next week I should have some yum yum yummy “after” photos for you to feast your eyes on.

2 // It is a little known fact that capes are indeed extremely flattering, and the perfect “go to” closet staple for a night out, a casual dinner, or a quick meeting with a client. THIS one is my fave and comes in black, white, and my personal fave pink!

3 //  THESE little pendant lights would look adorable in a little girls bathroom! White subway, round mirror, and some funky pink hex tiles is what I see happening!!

4 // Since I will now be “going to work” for the first time in years I keep thinking of all the fun things that come with the territory. Packing a lunch is one such thing that gets me pumped for my new work life . THIS delicious looking meal is how I hypothetically would like to plan my meals. In reality, I will probably be shoving my face at the Paquito Mas most days, but I can aim high for a bit.

5 // THESE chairs are perfect for a little breakfast table. The black is cute and the caning is great. Throw a cute little cushion on them and Voilà!

6 // The CASEY rug is oh so worthy.

7 // I am definitely not a makeup gal. It’s a rare occurrence if I even get chance to wash my face most day, let alone slap on a face full of make-up…however lately I am making an effort to be a little more lady-ish. I invested in some fancy lip gloss and ditched the cherry chapstick. THIS Nyx combo is great for a little lip pick me up. It has all the colors covered but doesn’t make me feel awkwardly over girled.

8 // Anything titled “Yarn Tasseled Yarn Bobbles” is something I want to know about. This DIY is nothing short of cute and I think with all my spare time, I will try it out.

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