FYI : E-Decor

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to email some pictures of your existing space in need of a little design TLC along with a few measurements and some inspiration photos to a designer and in a few short weeks get a thorough, easy to read, budget conscious shoppable design straight to your inbox?!?!

Well if you have and were unaware, we offer just that service: E-decor!! Currently we crank out about 4 of these every month and tend to book up a month in advance. We have had only happy customers and I realized lately, I have never really talked about it here on the blog.. let alone showed an example of what an e-decor even looks like.

We just wrapped up a client in Australia!!  That’s right folks, we be e-decorating internationally. This is actually a repeat customer who came back and hired us to help her and her hubby with a new apartment and a big office. We completed her house a year or so ago, so when the time came to get a new place in the city, we got an email! Last time we were hired to make tons of custom pieces and shipped a sea container FULL of pretty items. This time we source locally in Melbourne, and the result was pure cuteness..

/Users/BSting/Desktop/amber interiors/e-decor/Amelia Wilson, Aus

Australialiving room

australiamasterbedroom copy

sibellaphotoshop copy

/Users/BSting/Desktop/amber interiors/e-decor/Amelia Richter, Au

office2 copy


To find out more about becoming an e-decor client, click HERE. Feel free to shoot us an email or get started today by filling out our DESIGN QUESTIONNAIRE!

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