FYI: White Paint

I get asked what my favorite “White” paint colors are often. Until the last 2 years or so, I really didn’t have a definitive answer because I was still trying to really decide myself. There are so many whites to choose from, and I have tried them all. Color or lack of color in this case, changes in almost every environment. After a couple years of trial and error I have narrowed it down to a few perfect (in my opinion) white paints. I even added a few “go to” grays to the round up, since these two colors seem to go hand in hand in my school of decorating.

Here is my ultimate “White Paint”  round up!

whitepaint3I always encourage anyone to test the paint colors in your own home first before taking my word as gospel. Watch how the color changes throughout the day and how the colors look in your room at night.

Quick Tip: when painting swatches on your wall, bigger is better. Make your samples at least 24″ x 24″….otherwise you’re wasting your time! Also remember , if you plan on painting the trim in the same room a different color, add a strip of the trim paint color next to the swatches about 4-6″ wide by 24″ long. This way you can compare trim paint and wall color side by side.

Hope this helps!

Happy Monday


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