Posted on by Amber Lewis

The answer to the question is..nope, not lately. I spend the majority of my day playing peek-a-boo with my precious Gwynnie and quite literally eating, sleeping, and breathing around baby nap schedules, food schedules and poop schedules! Ahh the life. Never have I looked at a clock so much. I am constantly counting down the hours until BEDTIME, which as of 7 months ago has been no later than 9:00. Yes 9:00 p.m. Ok so the point I am trying to make here is BEDTIME is the most important time of my day and quite frankly I am embarassed about the state of our bedroom. Between cats, babies, and a couple of episodes involving poop (see above) I am left with a bed no respectable interior designer should own! Here are a few items I am eyeballing at the moment. What do ya think?