Get the Look: Client Freakin Fabulous

Happy Hip Hop Hoppity Easter Err’rybody!! I hope you all get to enjoy the day with your tiny chickitys somewhere b-e-a-uuutiful. Speaking of somewhere beautiful… take a gander below and tell me you wouldn’t spend your entire life in this living room. I might just stop on by #ClientFreakinFabulous’s house this morning – dressed as the Easter bunny – and stay for some freshly squeezed orange juice and waffles! I think they’d let me hang for a bit… but then again – I’m CRAY. But actually, I’ll just be at home loving on my very own bunny Gwynnie and of course my main Duck. What could be better than that! Here’s fresh lil Get The Look to put some Spring in yo step!

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Shoppe Pillows: Antique African Mud Cloth + Vintage Indigo + Vintage Chinese Batik


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