Givin’ it all away

Guess What

I am expanding my shoppe horizons folks… This bitznatch  ain’t trying to just slang pillows anymore.

Raise your hands if you knew this was coming??

See here is the deal,

I get a LOT of emails asking how peeps can get my style. Most of these peeps just about pass out when I tell them that I feed my child based on the money I receive from being an interior designer..and that this is not just a fun hobby I do in my spare time…although sometimes it is, but that’s not the point…whatever, I digress.

Anyways, I respect my clients and it would be super lame if while they were paying for my services, I was just giving anyone that asks, the info on how I decorate, such as… where did you buy, where can I get, can you order etc..

I can’t just give y’all the milk for free…you know what I am saying?

So I thought a fair trade would be that I expand my shoppeables to start offering some other “one of a kind” goodies…like accessories and furniture!

everything will be curated by me, for you, with my style in mind. If you want the look you can just buy what you see..

I’ll just make it super easy for ya..

what say you?

here is a peek at some AMAZING handmade clutches that are now available on ze.shoppe..

just a taste of all the newness happening NOW

photo copy


photo copy 2

photo copy 4


and this cuteness




clutch // shades // dress // vest // boots

please go visit

and just to sweeten the experience, I am doing a GIVEAWAY!!

ya hurd me?

The Prize:

this beautiful one of a kind batik pillow


The Game:

1. Officially sign up for my blog using the new “follow me” box on the right side column

2. Follow me on Instagram (amberinteriors) and #regram the giveaway there

3. Tweet it

4. Blog it

leave me a comment here that you did it and I will Announce the winner on MONDAY, June 17th

hope you dig the new  shoppe  friends!

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