Guest Post: Because it’s Awesome

So as I stated yesterday 

“I be all sick and stuff”

So low and behold I guess it pays to have pals in this blogosphere because Tobe from the amazing blog 

emailed me offering up her guest posting skills.

What a CHAMPION!!!!

Anyways here is what she came up with. 


Hi, All 

Tobe from Because It’s Awesome here to show my respects to the fall season. 

Now, unlike the usual room to outfit posts on AI, I decided to play more in the “inspired by” realm with my choices.

interior design by Geoffrey De Sousa || photography courtesy of Cesar Rubio

Let’s dissect, shall we? Like this fairly traditional room layout, I tend to be a pretty classic dresser. Hence, the abundance of timeless items I pulled together. I notice both feminine (drapes + pillows) and masculine (black leather + those lamps!!!) items in the room, so I did the same girly (animal print bow blouse) and boy-esque (hello, black leather+wool pantsclutch + chunky men’s watch) nods in my outfit choice. I love that the room has contrast, but because the colors are perfect complements, it feels quite neutral. So I went with contrasting naturals with the clothing items as well. I also adore the liiiittle pop of color with the room’s yellow, so I incorporated the same pop with the cinnamon-colored pumps. Finally, I picked up on some metallics in the room that seem to be in quite organic shapes (urchin light fixture + table’s branch-like base), so I incorporated a pair of raw stone earrings and a little Kelly Wearstler (whose choices always seem organically inspired).

So ta-da! 

There you have it. Hand me a mug of rum cider with a cinnamon stick for good measure, and I think I could be quite comfortable here for awhile.

Amber, thanks so much for having me! Quite an honor. And, of course, I’d love to see you all over to my little corner of the web if you are so inclined! ox

Lovers, please go show Tobe some serious loving and start stalking/reading her blog everyday like I do!

BTW this flu can suck it.

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