Happy Birthday to The Duck

Have I ever told you lovers how AMAZING the Duck is? I am sure you have gotten the drift, but I may have never specified JUST HOW amazing he actually is!!
Well lovers, he is the perfect catch for so many reasons, and since today is his birthday and we aren’t able to be with him I am lovingly going to remind him just how much we love him
He’s the best Daddy ever to our little G and she adores him like you can’t imagine. Since I decided to go back to work the Duck has taken role of Mr. Mom.. Not only is he a natural at the whole baby thing, but he loves to do it and feels like it’s a privilege to spend as much time as he does with her.

“Sweet Stoosh”

As far as husbands go, you couldn’t ask for a more supportive guy. He’s thoughtful and encouraging and is my biggest fan. If ever I feel like maybe I am doing the wrong thing by choosing to be a career Mom or if I am working to hard…he brings me back down to earth and gets me through it. He’s constantly reminding me of the big picture ….he’s the gold at the end of the rainbow,or Double Rainbow, so to speak!
The duck is my best friend. We have traveled to all types of crazy places together. We have made out on some mountains in Japan, swam in clear blue Tahitian waters, been to a gilion different countries together and he can somehow always manage to find our way to the best restaurants, coolest hotels, or some obscure and awesome sight seeing adventure every time. He is the compass in our relationship, I am am not…
Mt.Everest…just kidding, Mammoth
He is one of those guys that just picks up these awesome talents without even a blink.. For example, He a secret carpenter amaze-balls builder that can just whip up some banquette seating, or a pantry, or some bookshelves, or a kid’s play table, and the man had never picked up a power tool in his life until the beginning of this year!
Did I mention the boy can cook? He can literally cook anything…and when he does it’s really,really good!
The best part is that he loves to cook, which is almost more important than any of his other qualities, mainly cause we would starve to death.. I do lot’s of things but cooking ain’t one of them
How could you NOT love a man wearing a pink and orange sweater while doing it….because he’s THAT rad!
He  is a very talented musiscian and I love how humble he is about the whole thing

And by far the most amazing thing about the duck is his ability to love me for me. All my crazzy, all my wild ambitions, and all my mental breakdowns, are nothing to him. He takes them in stride, all the while channelling the patience of a monk.

I am one Lucky wifey and G is one luck chicklett
I hope I embarrassed you on your birthday!!!
Me and G love you. 
Happy birthday. 

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