Posted on by Amber Lewis

Since G was born I have never been away from her for longer than a 10 hour work day… I think I would die of anxiety and probably rip my skin off cause I missed her so much…..However lately the Duck and I are in desperate need of some alone time. Not because we need time away from G but because we need time away as a couple and time away to not be so exhausted most days and nights that we can barely have a conversation. We have been together for 7 years on the 11th of may and we thought it was time to have a night away as a couple.    No G  

My awesome Mom has offered to stay the night here next weekend with G and Penny{the dog} and babysit so we could escape away to the desert. I am super excited and cannot wait……………… but I am also EXTREMELY sad and anxious thinking that for the first time in 20 months I won’t have the sound of her on the baby monitor in my ear as she sleeps. I won’t be able to hold her or kiss her goodnight and good morning. 

No joke as I type these words I am crying. 

I have decided to focus on the good it will do for my husband and I and think of the fact that I will be able to possibly sleep in past 6 am…or better yet, not have to rush out of bed to get a bottle and start my day with a not so mellow almost 2 year old running around the place. 

We are staying at one of my favorite Palm Springs hotels the Viceroy
I will try to be drunk at least 98 percent of the trip, swim for at least 9 hours straight, and will not be bringing my computer. GASP! No work, no blog, no nothing but desert heat and alcohol.

The thought of a date night away has me thinking outfits… I came up with this. 
BTW those are my new boots from H by Hudson and I am obsessed with them.