Posted on by Amber Lewis

I took to the streets of craigslist cause I was so desperate for an intern, and let’s just say….there are some frightening fuckers in the world..needless to say I am still looking for the right fit.

For Example:
I have been getting emails like this 

To whom it may concern,
Over the past four years I have developed strong sales skills that have guided me throughout my short career in sales and has made me a respectable team player for many companies to come. I look forward in meeting and creating new relationships everyday. I am currently going back to finishing my intended career goal in Interior Design and will appreciate consideration with your firm. As an intern I will be able to use my skills with product knowledge, assisting you and being able to learn more of the industry. I look forward to meeting with you.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
*names and faces may have been changed to protect the privacy of the innocent*
and then there was this Gem:
*this was the actual email- I figured it was a joke, but it might not be??
*You live in LA and are obsessed with all things design
*You get down with blogs and know some stuff bout HTML
*You like to shop for fabric, and have an eye for cool stuff
*You don’t mind doing gopher stuff like bank and post office runs
*You can take a joke and don’t mind being beat with a hanger if you screw up
*You think I am great and like whats going on over here at AID
*You know computers cause its really important
*You know the PDC..if you don’t know what the PDC is then don’t even ask 
*You must get along with others and have a car
send me an email with a photo….It’s like a virtual interview so I like to see who the hell it is I am reading about