Posted on by Amber Lewis

We are still rocking and rolling on this recording studio……Here is another little sneak peek of whats happening.

In other news: The duck talks funny…He’s is Welsh which gives him the right to say things like “her-b” and “alooo-min-eum“. This week we planted some Her-B’s in our kitchen. These are actually planters from Ikea.. Little box o herb’s and I LOVE how it makes our kitchen smell.

Here is what we planted 
Mint and Sweet mint {i guess there is a difference}
Rosemary and I think something else I just don’t remember….obvs

I feel like Ol’ Martha Stew with my homemaking skills. I really wanted to document the process on you tube or something. And then I realized that most people in the world know how to plant shit so I would be making an ass out of myself. Anywhoo… Here ya go..