hey ducky’ catch a hint.

Is 30 the new 20?
I sure as shit hope so cause I turn 30 in a month and I am freaking out!!
You know those Moms you see, who dress like complete hookers and wear clothes from the “junior miss” department in stores, in a sad attempt to get there 14 year old daughters boyfriends to call them   M.I.L.F’s????
Well, do you reckon that my frequent use of the words “balls” and “gnar-gnar” will make me look like a desperate 30 year old hanging on to the vocab of a zitty 15 year old? 
Does anyone else think that your 30’s is such an ambiguous age…I mean, how the hell am I supposed to act?
What is it to be 30??
Someone recently told me that women find there maturity and also go through there sexual peak in there 30’s……well, I guess that’s cool. So what, do us 30 year olds just run around humping & whorin it up???
Someone give me something else because if I have to start acting more mature as well, I am Fucked.  Sorry for my lack of a better word..but I don’t turn thirty for another month so…..fuck, fuck , fuck, 
ball juice..
The point of this rant is a simple one. I need tons of distractions from my pending birthday blues, so I will be virtual window shopping for you all here on Mondays until September 17th {my B-Day}
The posts will be approprietly named
So Lets shop
*** my favorite thing on this page HAS GOT to be the iPhone case…Ahem, Ducky…yu hurd dat??***
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