Posted on by Amber Lewis

As I stated before in my introduction, I am 24 weeks preggo and in my “NESTING” phase. You hear this term loosely flung from the lips of Mom’s all the time but I never had any idea what this word actually meant or that the term was so literal. Had I known I would have alerted all of our credit card companies and cancelled all of our cards to prevent filing for bankruptcy. Its like there is a ticking time bomb in my belly ( no pun intended) just sending me subliminal messages to buy everything I see… especially things I can’t afford.I literally sit at home building lists of everything I want and must have to create the dream nursery. In my mind the nursery is organized and clean with the perfect knook for everything. She has the best crib, rocker, and changer money can buy and her room alone is the catalyst for her becoming a world famous artist or something. Like a blast of sand to the face…… Reality is we can’t afford designer anything. I have had the fortune/misfortune as an Interior Designer to access tons of resources for clients to get them the best products money can buy. As many other of you I am sure can relate, I have had to be really, really creative when it came to designing my little girl’s nursery. I compiled my “I Wish” wish-list and my “Get Real” wish-list. “I Wish” being all the things I knew I couldn’t afford and my “Get Real” list either discount or make shift versions of what “I wished” I could have.