you guys,

can we talk about this year? Has anyone else felt like 2013 has been the year of change?

For me this year has been filled with tons of life altering changes, not just ” look i got a haircut” changes…. The kind of big changes that make you really evaluate your whole freaking life and look to the universe, fairies, or magical unicorns for answers.

Strangely when I think about it, even though it feels like there has been more weird shitty shit happening this year than any other year that I can remember, there was also plenty of awesomeness. My biz has had its ups and downs this year. I had my first horrible client experience, which at the time seemed like I would never recover, and now I feel grateful it happened because it reminded me to trust my instincts. Some amazing things blossomed from that rotten moment in time..and I don’t regret it at all. I also went through some internal biz changes.  In particular, I hired the MOST AMAZING girl ever! Coming from the last nightmare employee I had, Bridgid has been a breath of fresh air. She has an incredible attitude, she is very very honest, ridiculously talented, and more importantly, flexible and understanding of the way my crazy interior design business works. I could not have asked for a better girl to help me grow my company… So you can imagine how devastated I am that she will be moving out-of-state to fulfill her fianc’e dreams of opening his own business.

yep…another change!

It’s a GIANT bummer and it comes at a pretty crappy time since I have so much going on, but just like all the other changes…I am gonna assume that this is happening to me so that someone else fantastic can come in her place.

which leads me to  announce that I AM HIRING…again

here are the job REQUIREMENTS. You must tick off all these boxes, otherwise i really can’t hire you…even though we may gel on a personal level, or you may love interior design as a hobby..there are certain skills you must have for this whole operation to run smoothly!

– You must have knowledge of CAD, photoshop, excel, and quick books. If you can use a 3D rendering program that’s a MAJOR bonus or if you can do a good ole fashion hand drawn rendering that’s great also!! You can absolutely be new at these things, but a working knowledge is a requirement.

– You must know how to go into a home, measure accurately and create  floor plans for clients. You are representing me and my company so being “presentable” is super important. NO HEELS ON JOB SITES!!

– You must pay attention to detail and be able to work closely with me be to help manage our work schedules as well as production and vendor schedules. I am basically in need of help keeping myself and the jobs on track. Ideally you would just instinctualyl keep my head screwed on straight, so that I can design and leave the daily running of the company up to you.

-You must be friendly, honest, and accountable. I am looking to hire someone to work really closely with me so you need to be drama free and come to work and leave your problems at the door!!

– I would love to find someone who wants to get involved with the social media side, as well as helping me out with the blog. Knowledge of instagram, pinterest, and wordpress would be amazing..although not necessary. The more you can do however the more of an asset you will become!

– A Love of design and style as well as an up to date knowledge of whats happening in the design world is a MUST. I am talking blogs, and magazines, as well as being totally up to date on the latest episode of “million dollar decorators” just kidding…kinda. You have to be totally obsessed with design to fit in around here!!

Now lets talk about what in fact you will be doing on a day-to-day basis!!!

This position will have you working at least 30 – 35 hours for now and the flexibility to work a 50+ hour week sometimes.

You will be working closely with me to help design projects, create mood boards, organize fabrics, SHOP TILL YOU DROP, contact vendors and clients and arrange schedules, create purchase orders, and help maintain the social media.

You must have a reliable car, live in LA, you must be an amazing note taker, and you MUST have a good attitude. I don’t tolerate whining, and I like to surround myself with positive and creative people. No complainers! Self starters that can just get shit done are my faves! I work from my home office,  and some days you will need to work from home yourself!

In your resume please include anything that is relevant to YOUR design and style. If you have a blog, send a link. Same with instagram, twitter feed, Pinterest… whatever you want me to see to show me who you are!

If you are currently still enrolled in school you can send me some of your school projects, as long as you feel like they truly define your style and who you want to be as a designer. If you know photoshop (which you need to qualify for this position) make me a mood board showing me your dream interior… Do something to stand out! Being professional is great, but I am a personable person, so the person I hire must ALSO be personable!


Los Angeles
depends on experience
Please email me at info@amberinteriordesign.com
include your resume into the body of your email please!!!
I am really looking forward to seeing some talent in my inbox, so send me it all!
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