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Old Timey bicycles and pizza? What the hell do these two things have in common you ask. Let me wax a bit here.

Remember when I painted my laundry room doors in my kitchen black chalkboard paint? And then, like the lunatic I am, flipped out about the idea of them actually being used as a chalkboard. Well, shit just got real up in my kitchen.

*Let me first off give you a little Pizza tutorial and then we’ll go back to the farting Farthing. Because apparently when I am in the kitchen I can’t just focus on cooking..*
Since we bought the snazzy new Viking range, cooking is like a million times more fun. For example..making my own pizza is no big deal around here. I am one step away from flipping and twirling dough balls all over the place and singing songs with an annoying Italian accent. If you have the pleasure of being blessed with a Trader Joe’s market in your area then I really recommend you go and drop a couple bucks on some pizza dough. Whole Foods makes some kick ass dough also but it’s a bit more expensive. 
Here is what you’ll need:
~Pizza dough: pre-made all the way baby!
~Organic Marinara Sauce
~Mozzarella Cheese shredded
~Prosciutto Ham 
~Sun Dried Tomato
~Pizza stone, Rolling pin, and a shit ton of Flour
Pre-heat your oven to 450.
Let your pre-made dough sit for about 10 mins at room temp.{directions say 20 but I don’t agree, I feel like the dough gets too sticky and soft, harder to work with}
Put a ton of flour on a cool surface and roll the dough into the best circle you can muster. I personally really like the organic look and taste of an irregular shaped Pizza, plus if you can make a perfect pizza circle…seek some help.
Then spoon a small amount of organic marinara sauce on your dough starting in the middle and working your way out using the back of a spoon.
Put the basil on.
Put some prosciutto on then some sun dried tomatoes all over the now saucy dough.
Sprinkle some cheese on top.
Pop it in the oven for 8-10 minutes and Boof….best homemade pizza in the whole f-in world.

OK so…..where were we, oh yeah, chalkboard doors…
So as the pizza was cooking I decided that my laundry room doors needed a collage of old timey bicycles… I only had time to draw one. So stop me if you think this is a lame ass idea before I draw another bicycle or 3.
I am actually WAY more shocked at myself for actually drawing on these doors then choosing to draw an Old Penny Farther. I thought they would stay black and pristine forever. Guess not.

Thoughts on my lunacy?