//How to Choose Living Room Furniture//

Peeps. Listen up! Let’s take it back to the basics – I’ve got a nifty little guide that helps you plan your living room furniture layout over on eHow. I promise it’ll be worth your time, and you’ll all be thanking me later when your living rooms are looking mighty fine! But hey, I better get an invite to your next wine n cheese soirée – just sayin…

Hey – I have an idea – lets look at some living rooms that I’ve had a big fat girl crush on for a while now…

// 1 //

Living Room 1

<< source >>

// 2 //

Living Room 5

<< source >>

// 3 //

Living Room 2

<< source >>

// 4 //

Living Room 4

<< source >>

// 5 //

Living Room 3

<< source >>

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