I feel DUMB.

I have to say that I definitely feel a bit douchey posting pictures of myself for all to see. I am not a shy person per-say but I am my own worst critic so the thought of dancing around in an outfit and putting myself on display is a bit weird….however, I am willing to see how it goes. 


“cool boots man”
“tiny pockets moth-licka”
“Hard-Core Eyore Vibe”
“Wait…these shoes are really cute”
These last two pictures I threw in because you must know I am NOT a serious modely type gal…I feel stupid without a smile on my face and I feel even dumber trying not to laugh. The shots above were the only time I was not smiling, making faces, or just acting like a general dumb-ass. Just ask the Duck…he can profess to that!!!

tops:both F21, shorts:seven, boots:H by Hudson, watch:Michael Khors, braceletts: Long Beach Flea Market

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