** i wish **

because I am  self diagnosed with “Decor Bi-Polar Disorder” , I literally get the urge to change my house around at least 5 times a week.

Last week I became obsessed with giving my bedroom a new look and am now making mood boards like a full fledged lunatic…

I think about it..design it…look at it for an hour or 3…change it..love it….hate it..rinse repeat


I have said this many a time. I can design all day long for clients, but when it comes to designing for myself, I suck at life. I am my own worst client and I am always an unhappy customer. I figured a smart thing to do would be to design 3 different vibes…and maybe you all can help me decide?

Look at that, both fun and interactive!!

 look #1



rug // bed // side tables // bedside lamps // small chair // art // light // pillow // drapes // chandelier // stool (vintage) // bench (vintage) // pillows for chair // bedding //

this look is the mid-century meets funky eclectic, typical amber style…

what say you?

(Ill post the other 2 looks soon )

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