It’s Me… on the Chris Loves Julia Podcast!!

So I know this is a bit late but I have to post about this podcast I was just on! I want you all to jump over to Chris Loves Julia‘s site right now to say hello and spread news of how awesome their blog is. It’s a must read and follow – so make sure ya bookmark it for later!!

Funny thing – Chris Loves Julia just won the award for Best Renovation blog from Domino’s first ever Design Blog Awards. Which is rad, because I actually took the title for Best Interior Design Blog – I’m SO thrilled that we won, because honestly we had taken a step back from blogging in the past year. We had way too many clients that we had to focus on and make sure their projects were all perfect. It’s the tricky part of growing so quickly and learning what’s most important for me and my team to focus on. But, I’m happy to say that we’ve got some super DOPE plans for this ‘lil blog that’s still chuggin’ along. I’ll be dropping more hints soon, but just know that it’ll likely be released come summertime. Soooo you heard it here first – GET EXCITED. I know i am!

Back to the podcast – This episode is all about self-taught interior designers out there and I’m one of the four that they chose to interview. WOO! I know you’re all so interested in how it all started for me, so before I dive into a blog post about it – go listen to this podcast which will give you the cliff notes version. ex: first clients, how I grew my business, the roll social media played, and advice to those wanting to dive into the field.

You can actually listen to it here below too – Enjoy!

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