Posted on by Amber Lewis

I am actually crying as I write this post because this morning the Duck cooked G eggs…..whole, real, eggs. No microwave or packaging involved. No braving through dust and debris or mariachi music. No packaged eggs that when you cook them smell like burnt plastic.  No sir, just plain simple real eggs cooked in a pan on a stove top! We have not had a meal cooked on a stove in 7 fricking weeks. Eggs have never made me cry before until this morning. Let me tell you…it was an odd experience. Anywhoo….here is our kitchen… just in case you don’t remember here are some before and afters!

Everything still looks really new. This rug is going on to my floor…
 I also have no accessories and cheap bar stool that will be replaced one day with these. 
for now we are broke and this is what we are living with until we win the lottery. I am NOT complaining!