Posted on by Amber Lewis

Dear G, I could have never, ever thought one little tiny person could fill my life with so much love and joy. Honestly, most days I am at a loss for words and can’t even express how much I love you. Your little now and don’t understand such complicated emotions but trust me when I say I would lay my life down for you. One day you may read this and I hope you do. You are the reason and driving force for most things I do especially this whole career thing I got going on. I strive to set a good example for you and I pray that if I teach you nothing else, maybe you’ll learn that following your dreams is the most wonderful feeling in the world. I want to thank you for being the thing that reminded me the importance of life and love. I want to thank you for showing me how to be humble and patient and look at the big picture of life everyday. You are the reason for everything I do and I love you very very much! 

love, Mama