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it’s almost the big V-Day.

 Whoop Whoop

Hey Duck…if you are at all perplexed on what to purchase me (because I definitely expect a gift, being as super high maintenance as I am and all, HA!),

Here is a literal list, with links and all…

I made it really easy for you this year…A valentines day Cliff Notes

so no excuses. Or e-cards!


I want the gift dammit !!

In fact, all you ladies should just attach this post to an email and send it to your significant other with the subject “Valentines Day Cliff Notes”

OR just give them a couple of “where to shop” tips from me…

Anthropologie: Seriously, you cannot go wrong at good ole Anthro.  If you’re a dude, you can literally walk into this store with a blindfold on and purchase the first thing you touch and most likely your lady will be pleased.

ShopBop: There is a whole shoe section dedicated to “Booties“..now go

Furbish:  Lots of pom poms…and what else in this whole wide world matters more?

// perfume bottles // “i love you” sweatshirt // bar ring // nail polish // red converse // i love you bracelet // “the art of  I love you” book //  “love” necklace //

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