Just Some Things: Amber’s April Picks

Shoppe Amber Interiors, Pacific Palisades. Photo by Jess Isaac.

To say it’s been hectic lately is the understatement of the CENTURY. If you’ve been following along this month, you already know that 1) we opened our second Shoppe. Then 2) I thought it would be a GREAT idea to move my entire family into a new house by the end of this month so we can begin construction on our NEW house. Yep, great idea. (P.S. Does anyone want to help me pack??) 3) We are completely rebranding our site with the incredibly talented Jessica Comingore from Marbury. We started with the Shoppe, but are moving to my site next and a big secret awesome project launching very soon! 4) We are moving into a new office space! Well technically, we are keeping our current space, just taking over the space next to us as well, because quite frankly we are bursting at the seams 5) Our Calabasas Shoppe is getting a lil make-over and general zhush. We are adding a Shoppe-able Kitchen, and some more built in Shoppe-able shelving, which I am THRILLED about. And oh yeah, as always, 6) I’m designing and working on the coolest projects ever. There are a hundred and twelve more things I could list, but lets stick with 6. 

It’s been on-site meetings, Shoppe Pacific Palisades prepping, designing, brainstorming, family time…the list don’t ever stop. But hold up, don’t get this twisted as me complaining… because in all seriousness, it’s been a huge month over here at Amber Interiors in the best way possible and we’re all working our butts off to show you guys some INCREDIBLE things.

Sooooooo, because I hate moving and packing so much, I’ve decided to take a ZEN moment from this April madness and tell you guys all the things that are getting me through this month… because honestly, it means I don’t have to pack. Here ya have it. Shop away!!!


1.Body Brush, $26

2. Topshop MOTO Straight Crop Jean, $75

3. Nude Mink by Angela Allen, $145

4. Madewell Texture and Thread Wrap-Tie Top, $45

5. Bath and Meditate Soap Set, $28

6. Swell Bottle in Onyx, $35

7. Everyday Oil, $48

8. Old Navy Mid-Rise Linen Blend Cropped Pants, $29

9. Baggu Duck Bag in Mushroom, $32

10. Golden Goose Sneakers, $566


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