Posted on by Amber Lewis

Here we go, yet another project added to my “TO DO LIST” which at this point is longer than Mr. Sheen’s “P-STARS I HAVE DONE LIST”(too much?)

Anywhoo, I have always been a fan of Florence Broadhurst  and her fantastic wallpapers and fabrics, but for some reason I have kinda forgot about her recently. I remember, way back when, before we owned our pad, I dreamt I would cover a hallway in “Japanese floral” or “Kabuki“. Since we have recently depleted any excess of funds to justify buying 185 dollar a roll wallpaper, It dawned on me last night that I could probably hack this myself ! And what if not in a hallway but in G’s room. How amazing would it be if I painted her accent wall a flamingo pink and then hand drew the kabuki fans on with white or silver paint pen?
kinda like this…….but not white with pink….pink with white (see crappy photoshop below)

Also I am sure this is gonna be very popular in the Blog World but the PINK ISSUE of House Beautiful…… “I Die” 
There are no less than 6 pages of pink painted rooms with sources for which colors were used.. if the Duck wouldn’t divorce me for it, I would paint every room in our house a various shade of pepto pink. 
Here are some of my faves….that were not included in the schemes
Behr “Flamingo Dream”
or any of these colors currently littered across my desk