Posted on by Amber Lewis

Hey Lovers…are you listening, It’s me Amber. I am tired and have zero brain left at the end of my days…which lately don’t end until around midnight and they start at 6am. Anyways, I SUCK at blogging and want to apologize cause I don’t have the mental capacity to think one more single thought by the time I sit down to write a post. Feel free to boo at your computer screen or flick me off and unfollow me if this next attempt at  professional blogging offends you. Keep in mind that I love you and appreciate you reading my ramblings……..
Pity Party of 1
I am well aware all of you extremely smart and resourceful lovers have already read your mags and catalogues this month, so I am gonna risk sounding redundant and give you my” top 5 cool shit” from a catalogue this month.
1. Surprise Anthro…BTW this is only a fraction of the cool shit that just got in.
P.S I love you all….don’t leave me.