Learnin’ stuff

this year one of my New Years resolutions is to learn more things about stuff
how stupid does that sound
no, but seriously
I often get embarrassed thinking about how little time I actually spend trying to learn new things about the big ole’ world we live in and how much time I obsess about my own little world 
Most days I spend the majority of my time stressing over the ins and outs of interior design and mothering which is important…but just sorta kinda not really adding any new wrinkles to my brain…
ya dig?
So This week I am gonna lurn me somethin about Bernard Lorjou the french expressionist painter.
I stumbled upon his art haphazardly on a little know website called Pinterest …ha

amazing right?

anyways, I was intrigued and instantly assumed, in my usual nothing existed before 1981 frame of mind, that this was obviously a hip new Etsy seller probably selling prints and matching weekly planners for 25 bucks.

well, it wasn’t and I located the artist and got WAAAAy to excited finding out it was actually a french dude from the early 1900’s!

You may not care…but I think its kinda cool to look at these paintings and see where some of today’s tastemakers may be recycling/getting inspired from…
3 interesting facts….

+ Lorjou was a self taught French expressionist painter who at the age of 13 was living on the streets of Paris. He was born in 1908 and died in 1986 from an Asthma attack.

+ He was a founding member of L’homme Témoin which was a group of young french painters who sought to promote an anti-abstract style of painting called Social Realism. 

+ Lorjou’s body of work includes thousands of paintings, a collection wood engravings, ceramic and bronze sculptures, lithographs, illustrated books, socially oriented posters, stained glass windows, and murals.

And lovers,
now ya know

don’t say I never taught you anything!

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