Lets just talk about Fashun…

Happy Monday friends!

Lets just jump straight in and talk about the ol’ Golden Globes shall we?

Yes I am sure you will read a billion blogs today highlighting the best and worst dressed…And No I am no expert on Fashun, but I like to think I have an eye for what looks good on people.

and…UM, I am pretty sure there were way more flops than fabs this year, do you agree??

like seriously.

I can’t help but think “who the Fuck dresses these ladies???”

No seriously,  who in the shit, is getting paid thousands and thousands of dollars to completely ignore these women’s bodies, skin color and hair color, and dress these chicks in a sequined, frilly shit show.

you know what I am saying here?

I want to give credit to those few ladies that actually dressed well..

First, my queen, my girl crush, and quite frankly the MOST beautiful creature on the planet earth…


Jenny Lawrence


could she be any more perfect? Her dress, her hair, her make-up..#imean


Cate Blanchett


stunning, and so hollywood glam. Plus her speech was funny, and I love a classy lady who doesn’t take herself to seriously


Olivia Wilde

rs_634x1024-140112163141-634.Olivia-Wilde-Golden-Globes.jl.011214she is pregnant, nuff said.


Amy Adams

slide_331487_3313386_freeok so I actually really, really, love this Dress, but thought it wasn’t great on Amy.. Sorry Amy!! She is so beautiful, but this dress was not the most flattering on her skin tone, or her body. and someone really screwed up on her hair. Looks like a bad prom up-do. But I love Amy and she was in my tops.

now is when it starts getting dicey.. I couldn’t really decided if I loved these or Hated these..


I think Sofia looks like a cross between Ursula the sea witch and a Tranny Glamazon..I can’t decide if I love it or hate it, what did you think?


Emma is great, but this dress was both frumpy and weirdly fashun forward. I felt like she tried a little to hard. And her shoes were kinda crap, thoughts?


a little beauty queen-ish right?


I wanted to love this dress so much….but that pleat in the front falls right around her Va-Sheen, and I can’t help but think she looks a little like a giant puckered kitty buttonhole…sorry Kate, love you….

now for Worst Dressed


Oh Sandy, why oh why would you let someone dress you in a project runway losers dress? You’re so amazing, how could you let this happen?


Tina, you are funny and inspiring and mainly great, but WTF were you thinking. You look like wallpaper.


Julie, this dress makes you look like a deranged Disney Character. So basically, you have just upped your annoying factor, and I thought that was impossible..Bravo.


Zoe Deschanel.  I double dog dare you to lose the Schtick and stop trying to be “Quirky”. You could be so iconic if you would just lose the “look at me I am so coocky and weird” thing.

 stop it

and lastly, but certainly not least..


Lena, I will pretend this did not happen…and you should pray everyone forgets this mustard frock from hell as well.

so so sooooo wrong.

 What was your thoughts on the GG’s and all Da’ Fsahun

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