Lets put it to a Vote

So in the next couple months we are gonna be smashing our bathrooms out…and I couldn’t be happier.

I am on the fence (of course) of what the hell I am gonna do in the guest bathroom.
So, I have decided that I would put it to a vote
 who better to ask then you peaches….?
Which bathrooms do you like best?
First up,
In the Guest/ G’s bathroom I was thinking I would do something fun and kid friendly / guest appropriate.

Like maybe a…

Tub in the middle of the bathroom….and bright colored shower curtain

Or maybe a…
red claw foot tub? not super re-sale friendly…but cheery!
Maybe I totally have to have a schoolhouse sink?

I love me some bright and crazy floor tiles but I have to think about the scary “re-sale” term, so I may have to tone it down..maybe?
 I could totally pull this off..cause its safer

I could pump it up with Wallpaper….
A little pattern to peruse while you potty!

Hmm….think about it.
Talk amongst yourselves
Let me know your thoughts…
Report back to me
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