life according to my iPhone


I actually kinda thrive on a packed schedule and a little chaos.

This week was JAM packed so I kicked ass and took names…happy its friday

heres a snippet of life as of late…

I had a meeting at a super private member only rooftop club….like I was a god damn free mason. wasnt allowed to snap pics, but lord know I am rebellious..

photo 1 copy

Then I shopped  for myself…and really want these side tables.

what say you?

photo 5

I am still widdling away at the halloween candy…I ain’t ashamed to say its almost gone

yum yum yummy

photo 2 copy

I continued to drool over the new blankets almost ready for shoppe...

photo 4

these pillows are the cutest!!

photo 2

tile was toyed with for project “Awesome Lala Land Fam”

photo 3

I have not removed this sweater from my body for days…its incredible!

photo 1

hat // jeans // boots (similar) //

photo 2 copy 2

I am glad this week is over, but excited to meet next week and see what it has to offer!!

happy Fridays lovers

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