life according to my iPhone

true story…about 5 months ago I broke my phone. I have been rolling to meetings, conducting business, and taking my daily photos with the most jacked up phone a girl could have..I have been to lazy  busy to get it fixed.


This week I had a revelation, and finally decided that I am a grown ass woman who works damn hard and deserves to have electronic devices that work.

I bought a new iPhone and am snapping away! What a difference a snazzy phone makes

so here is what my new phone has been up to…

My wall got MYFAMB‘ed…

Dudes, this bitch has some serious skills and everyone should get in on it before she is so famous she cuts her ear off..

photo 3 copy





Then this bag got a dose of #hippiestyle with a little dream-catcher action…the Shoppe is gonna start carrying these little bad boys,

what say you?

photo 4 copy
then i wore this outfit..
photo 3

THESE BOOTIES are everything, so is my new rug..

The Lewis clan are going away camping today…so the duck tried out the new tent in the yard…

its as big as a hotel and as you can see he was quite happy with his “pitched tent”

photo 2

Penny wasn’t to sure

photo 1
Client LFP got a mirrored star pendant in her dressing room…

photo 4

and I was reminded at just how stunning their bedroom is!!

photo copy 2

I blazed a few trails to try and keep on my fitness regime …and ran in to some Nature Friends/Enemies

a baby rattle snake..

photo 2 copy

and Wiley Coyote

photo 1 copy

and here folks was the old iPhone…may she rest in peace

photo copy


The Zoe Report talked up the SHOPPE on her site yesterday!

tzrbanner Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 10.02.53 PM



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