+ life according to my iPhone +

Its been a while since I checked what was going on in my life, via my phone. That is pretty much the only way I can keep track of all the whirlwind weeks that seem to fly by. Wake, Mom, Work, Mom, Sleep, Wake, Mom, Work, Sleep, make this lady a happy but forgetful lady.

Lets peep the scene through my iPhone screen

OK so first up, I finally got around to having Dr. Client Clients house shot by a pro photographer and I was lucky enough to work with Ms. Tessa Neustadt. She is a magical wizard worker behind the lens and I couldn’t be more happy with the photos. I plan on posting a full reveal “before and after”real soon! Like maybe today on Domaine Home (wink wink)




Then I went and visited a bunch of  my job sites and the running theme is ridiculously awesome doors!

Client Awesome got some


and Client Sandy Castles is getting some.


BTW I realize I have yet to properly introduce you all to Client Sandy Castles. We are still designing away and have little to show yet, however I am lucky enough to be working with the crazy talent architect Eric Olson. He is an amazingly talented fella and I can’t wait to show you this pretty project in its entirety…

Client Freaking Fabulous is not quite done yet. We delivered her enormous and beautiful custom couch AND laid out some bathroom Tile for her guest bathroom!!



Then I went shopping for clients galore because everyone is a winner in this situation.







And since the Duck has been out of town for the past 10 days, I have been relishing in my quality time with G. MAN I love her so much and it’s a love that officially gets deeper and deeper everyday.


she rock climbs, and trampoline bungee jumps….because she is a freakin bad ass!



Well, there ya have it!

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