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Ever since returning from Mexico, adjusting back to real life has been like a slap in the face with a wet towel. Work is hard and heavy, and I long for the weekends! In our house weekend time has really become crucial for my sanity! Typically Saturday is filled with a full ass day of chill out time in the pool with a beer-garita in hand.  There is something so calming about floating on a pool raft for hours and the smell of sunscreen in the air. Who needs an hour long session in a therapist chair when you can have some alone QT on a floating lounge with a cup-holder?

To end the week of right, lets recap a bit on my life according to my iPhone.

Just the other day I realized I have neglected to name a few clients lately, so I shall now!!  We checked in on “Client Bonita’s”  house to finalize some built-ins , rugs, and check window coverings. This little project is really great and I can’t wait to reveal the whole completed shebang!




We stopped in to another project that is getting a major facelift, and did a quick little nursery install. Our clients, whom I lovingly dub “Dr. Client Clients” (both Dr’s.) have a little man on the way…he’s trying to come ahead of schedule so we decided to finish up the nursery a bit prior to everything else, just in case.

question…Why does a bit of wall planking make everything better???


just hanging out….


Client “Lombardi House” is basically just about the most beautiful spot around. The barn is finished and it couldn’t be more gorgeous.  You can now officially book the Lombardi House for your event! Go HERE for more info.




The Shoppe has hit a little milestone. We just celebrated a year of being around on our new and improved site!! You may or may not remember the old one, way back when, but it sucked and we have really tried to make the new one special. To celebrate, the Duck and I went out for dinner…he ordered lobster, and I planned the next big step of expanding to even more stuff! We are bringing in more one-of-a-kind products from local and international Artisans as well as more of our own branded Home Accessories. It”s not going to debut for another 6 weeks or so….but we are excited nonetheless.



 We also stocked up on Kilim pillows 


and over bought textiles for new pillows




We are doing another photoshoot today!! Cant wait to show you. Follow on Instagram if you don’t already, for some behind the scenes.


Me and my girls went to celebrate the new Gray Malin “Aqualillies” collection. It was seriously stunning!!

Our Llama Pom pillow had a little lounge area!



This Kimono is on Major Repeat! I double dog dare you to get me to take it off..aint gonna happen


and finally, My Moms little yard looks lovely at night.


hope you have a lovely weekend!

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