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Happy Monday

Lets recap the past week or so shall we?


photo 5

We all ventured to the pumpkin patch and it was fun and COLD for the first time I can remember in 3 years..

Finally Fall got its shit together in California and realized that October should not be 100 degrees.

We have now been to 2 Halloween parties and have one left to go..

first costume, was this mess…your guess is as good as mine what the F i went as.

drunk clown?

Even G was confused

o 5

Costume party 2 was pretty epic.

The Duck and I” Couple Dressed”, which was never really up my alley..but I thought we looked like a legit couple of Tenenbaum’s

photo 1

Then I went back to work…

these pillows will be shoppable soon.. How damn cute!

photo 4

Also coming to SHOPPE…aahaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!



I have been working tirelessly getting my own blanket and pillow collection together for Shoppe. All handmade in Morocco specifically for me! I will be getting the remaining stock in shortly and will be uploading them for you all to Shoppe very, very, soon!

The duck and I are still in moving hell and this week I got around to sorting out my office and the garage

Needles to say It was scary and at the end of it all I had an “A-Ha” moment  that I have hoarding issues.


at least I hoard pretty stuff.


photo 2

Work is fun right now… I worked with a client to help pull together some art for her living room we are working on…


photo 2 copy

 then I started scheming for the big remodel client project that we are starting to gear up for!

praise the high heavens that I have such awesome clients to let me do my thang in a kitchen, 3 bathrooms and a Laundry room!

(thats only phase 1)

photo 3

gorge or what!

Thea fall weather has me cooking…mainly greens and soup..but whatever its good

photo 1 copy 2

and last but certainly not least

photo 4 copy


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