// Lombardi House: progress report //

Its been a whirlwind of construction at the Lombardi House Project. Everyday we get a little closer to some kind of finish line. The crew on the job is working overtime to make this happen by March 1st, and I am being chipper and positive this will happen.

So far we have all the new backsplash tile up. Its simple yes, but makes me very happy to see some texture on the walls. The countertops, while unfortunate and not my choice, are looking about 1 MILLION times better after we have painted the cabinets and installed the subway in all the units

Here is a Kitchen Before in one unit




IMG_4606(Paint color on cabinets in 2 of the units: Dunn Edwards- Charcoal Smudge)







Still no paint on these cabinets but these particular units will be getting my go to white paint Dunn Edwards: “WHITE

Then I added some really necessary mill work. A giant problem with the house was that there were way to many round corners, and funky “builders special” choices. You know the type you see in a “Flip House”. Now don’t get me wrong, the finishes were not the worst, but they were all wrong….especially for this type of property.

not special enough

I have been focusing on bringing the house back to its original state as best as we can given what has already been done. I love me some woodwork, so I added it ALL OVER!

I think it was just what the house needed to bring it back to its roots










IMG_5181 2






BTW I can’t wait till these stairs get a fresh coat of High Gloss Dunn Edwards “Black Bean” paint





And last…well last that I will reveal today (wink wink)










How much better is the Paint and the doors!!!!

Bye Bye Pink and hello perfect neutral gray

(color Dunn Edwards: MUSLIN and Trim Dunn Edwards: WHITE)

I wanted to block off the back room and create an additional room within this unit. There are french doors all over this house so I keep putting them throughout so that it all ties in. Kinda obsessed!


This fella went missing for a couple of days, but he returned and made a grand appearance.



pshhht, such a typical Hollywood iguana…always trying to steal the show

This house is really shaping up to be somethin’ fancy!

March 1st is RIGHT around the corner and we are scurrying to the finish line. Lets pray that I can make this happen and survive the process

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