// Lombardi House: Progress report //

Remember when I introduced you to one of my new projects ” The Lombardi Hollywood House”?

And remember how I conveniently left out any images of the entire inside of the house??

Hows abouts I show you what was going on in the house before I got all up in its bizness, And lets take a look at the current progress we are already making!




dingy and nothing special…



 + darken cabinets with my ultimate fave charcoal cabinet color” Charcoal Smudge” by Dunn Edwards

 + add white subway tile backsplash with dark grout

+ new lights

+ add clean crisp white wall panelling throughout  painted in “White” by Dunn Edwards



photo 1 copy 2

Its going to be SO much better in my opinion…cant wait to tackle all 4 kitchens!

Up next was the sitting room upstairs.

this room was really strange when I first saw it. It had beautiful French Doors leading to a gorgeous balcony outside, but then these flimsy and super sketchy dangerous glass doors on a track at the entrance.

I had the guys rip those right out and add a new French door situation to match the ones to the outside.

Looks so much better now!


see the weird glass doors on the left..?


here is what they looked like from inside the room:


and then here are the pretty original to the house doors that lead to the balcony outside..





photo 2 copy 2

I am putting the charm BACK into this house….and trying to restore it to an updated version of its old self..

we are moving fast and quick to meet the March 1st opening night deadline. ..

may the Force be with me

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