Maison Du Soir

Did you know there used to be a day when people would get dressed to go to bed!

Not like throw on some ratty old gap sweatpants and a nasty spaghetti stained  purple v-neck (guilty)…

No sir, people would actually like sit at a fancy vanity, rub cold cream on their faces, and throw on a fancy pair of silk pajamas to look beautiful for their beds…Can you imagine if a company came around that had the philosophy to make that the norm again but with fashion forward style and ease??

Well lovers…..let me introduce you to the brand spanking new high-end jammies co.

“Maison Du Soir”












yep, those my friends are jammies. There is a style for every lady out there. Its comfy and beautiful and super flattering!!!!!!

I mean, can you imagine how much better you would sleep if you were decked out in comfy and sexy jim jams… your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant pet other would like you at least 100x more.

So guess what??

This company so happens to be the love child of my bestest friend in the whole wide world Courtney..(NBD my friends are super fuckin cool)

and she is offering you all 10% off everything in the store!!!!!!!!!

use code


This company is going places my friends, so get in while its hot! You can say you were one of the firsts to participate in the “wear fancy jammies to bed movement” (that’s not really a thing…but it should be!)

Please lets support another awesome lady doing business and making her dreams come true!

You can also follow along with Maison Du Soir on instagram @maison_du_soir for giveaways and happenings

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