Posted on by Amber Lewis

CAN I JUST SAY I LOOOOOOOVE MY JOB: I seriously do. I can think of nothing bettter to spend my time doing than oogling fabrics and creating spaces for other people to enjoy. Yesterday I was with Kiki, my boss at my Job-Job. We were out scouting for a couple of KMInc clients. We made a couple stops including the new Hollywood and Home store! Can I just say that Peter Dunham is one talented son of a gun! His textiles are insane, and the way he just whips these rooms together to create the whole effortless chic vibe is swoon worthy. I am fully inspired.

On my way home I got a call that my little Turkish rug I had made into a pillow is done! How pretty is this? I think this sucker is going on my banquette.. Glory glory hallelujah!!

 Anyways here are some other rooms that are really doin it for me..