Posted on by Amber Lewis

Lately I have been faced with the pressing”when are you gonna have another little nipper’ question. Like “politics, religion and breastfeeding” this is a touchy subject. I am of the mind that I may be happy with one baby. Among some crowds, the minute these words leak from my mouth I get a look like I just confessed to BBQing cats. Although the idea of G having a bro or sis to play with sounds nice, I tend to think that her parents are SOOOO cool she will never miss a thing!! Whats so bad about only children anyways?  However, lately I find myself looking at rooms for 2 kidlings. Symmetry is sort of my thing and so typically I would follow suit and have a family of 2 parents, 2 children, 2 pets, and a room with 2 kids beds…….These images alone are fixing to change my mind. Maybe 2 is better than one?

Elizabeth Dinkel