Posted on by Amber Lewis

Every now and again I go on a MCM{mid-century-modern} bonanza.
I have come to my own personal conclusion that every room needs an element of mid century.
Whether it’s a piece of pottery or a papa bear chair….
It always appeals to me and a little bit is always good…
try to argue it, i dare ya!
Still no significant weight loss. Just a sad little pound!
I am feeling actually much better energy-wise. If I didn’t have a broken toe and now a head cold & sore throat from hell I could really see how amazing the cleanse could make you feel…
I ate last night…I steamed up some broccoli and cauliflower with water and added some spicy herbs to trick my senses to thinking it was getting some super spicy Mexican food
I am gonna keep up the fast for the 7 days like I promised….
I have modified my diet a bit by adding partially steamed vegetables as a mini meal once a day.
still no sugar
not a drop of caffeine 
no meat
no dairy
no carbs
Everyday gets easier….
everyday I also dream of eating Thanksgiving dinner….