Mother’s Day Part II: Breakfast Essentials

Photo by Nicki Sebastian

Alright Mother’s Day party people! It’s kind of time to start planning your morning at home spoooooiling your moms with breakfast in bed.

I already mentioned to ya guys that we’re whipping up waffles in my post last week… and while I’d looooove to have breakfast in bed… I actually have the most fun cooking with Mike and Gwynnie. G is soooo helpful these days and I know she’s going to have way too much fun helping cook this feast AKA make a mess with the waffle batter.

So here’s what I got on my mind for our breakfast….

  1. Waffles or French Toast: I’m cutting out dairy these days, but I’m still making waffles the star of our breakfast, and thank goooodness I found these vegan waffles because they’re bestttt. But for all you dairy lovin’ folk, I highly suggest you make this french toast, because GD are they good.
  2. Frittata: My favorite part of a frittata is that you can put whaaaatever you want in it! Meat, no meat, tons of veggies, just a little… whatever! They are so easy to make and everyone loves ‘em.
  3. Fruit: We always have a bowl of fruit, so grab whatever you can from the farmer’s market the day before. Cut ‘em up, put them in a pretty bowl and try not to eat them all while you’re cooking everything else.
  4. Coffee, OJ, Champagne: Remember…. breakfast ain’t breakfast without a big pot of coffee and a side of freshly squeezed OJ. And let’s be real, we’re going to have celebratory champagne because we’ll be celebrating…… me/mom/creator of this family!

ANYWAY, we just got some awesome new things in Shoppe that I know are gonna look reaaaaal good on my kitchen counter come Mother’s Day breakfast. Take a look at what we’ve got and get to plannin’!

Also… are you guys into me sharing some of my favorite recipes? Do you want to see more entertaining tips? Leave a comment and let me know!!!

1. Linun Hedvig Apron in Ink Blue, $83

2. Silverlake Dinner Set Classic White by Sheldon Ceramics, $142

3. Spencer Cups, $8

4. Old Fashion Waffle Iron, $29

5. Tenshi Coffee Dripper Sandstone Snow White by Humble Ceramics, $65

6. 5″ Chef’s Chrome Pepper Mill, $98

7. Jenn Kitchen Cloth, $15

8. Oslo Matte Black Cutlery Set, $90

9. Vermont Large Colander Granite by Sheldon Ceramics, $195

10. Buckskin Mug by Meghan Flynn, $36

11. Looped Spoons, $74

12. Leather Wrapped Vases, $120

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