New Office Space Update

Between the new Shoppe/design offices, the new house, the various moving days, and all the work travel…I have been a little unenthusiastic about anything that doesn’t involve sleep!!!

Even though the days feel like they are flying by, the actual progress  of anything has been dragging!  In the past few weeks we are finally seeing some progress people and the end is in sight!! If you missed my first post on our new office update, or haven’t heard our news of expansion, you can check it out here. The dividing walls are up and our offices and shoppe space are now defined. It’s amazing how much a little paint can do for a space and this is just the primer! Now that the baby poop brown is gone, It’s so much lighter and brighter than before and I love it. Next up, the wood floors are getting installed and all of the different tiles are going in.

We are aiming to move in on July 27th….So picture me counting down the days and chewing my fingernails off every day up until. Hopefully by that time I will be able to blog and not be confined by the straps of a straight jacket!

Amber Interiors - New Office Update - 07.16

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