Nona’s Cottage Progress Update

Happy hump day lovers! I have been in a vacay state of mind for the last week and I couldn’t be more psyched to take a few days off and enjoy the holiday with a house full of friends and family tomorrow. It’s going to be a little nutty with 30, yes that’s right, thirty bodies smooched into our pad but it’s going to be festive and we’re going to eat turkey and pumpkin pie and drink ’til we can’t stand anymore. HA!

…But before I get ahead of myself, I have some exciting progress to share with all of you turkeys of my Mom’s kitchen remodel that we’re working on with Lowe’s. We’re still in the thick of things, and like any remodel there’s been a few hiccups, but it is coming along and I couldn’t be happier. First of all, I have to give BIG props to my Mom and Grandpa. They have championed almost the entire demo and installation and it is really paying off.

Let’s take a look shall we?!

Lowe's Installation In Progress

If you happened to miss this post where we introduced the project, we had a few main goals for the remodel:

– to open the space up and make it feel bigger and brighter

– remove the dated cabinetry and appliances and replace with new

– extend the cabinetry to include a breakfast nook / dining area

– add a window above the breakfast nook to make it brighter and more inviting

– add new floors throughout the main living space

– add an island for prep and to help divide the kitchen from the living space

We’re going for the bright, fresh, all white errthing cottage kitchen– you can follow along on Pinterest where we’ve gotten a lot of our inspiration for this project or peep more of the inspo here.

Small space remodel before picture

Before there wasn’t a whole lot of storage space. On the new fridge wall we decided to add additional cabinetry to give my Mom more storage but to also have the fridge appear more built in and custom. Not too shabby eh?

Cabinet Installation Plan

Built-in fridge flush with cabinets

Wood floor installation

The floors finally went in and make a huge difference– if you remember back to it’s original state, there were 3 different types of flooring in this space! YIKES. Running the wood floors throughout the entire main living space opened it up and makes it feel so much larger making the room read as one big open space versus being cut up into a few different smaller areas.

The new backsplash, counters, and cabinets totally refresh the space — it’s going to be fab as soon as it’s complete!

Installing Backsplash

Installing a window to add light

Oven Hood Installation

New Kitchen IslandThe hood and shelves went in and make the perfect statement on the back wall. We also installed the window in the breakfast nook and voila! It’s already a million times better– brighter and happier. Next is actually styling the nook and making it a usable and welcoming dining area.

The kitchen island went in and I LOVE that we chose to do a darker charcoal on this piece.

Breakfast Nook with Bench Cabinets

Thanks again to Lowe’s for helping to make this possible. It’s been a real labor of love– even G has helped! Can’t wait to show you all the final reveal with a list of all the Lowe’s products we used to make this happen! Happy Turkey day lovers!!

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