not dead…but G’s tooth might be

One of the BIGGEST fears I have is mouth injuries. I have no idea why, I have just always had this weird issue with bloody mouths, or a hurt tooth…even cavities or the thought of a popcorn kernel stuck in my gums tends to throw me into a panicked emotional downward spiral..
When a bad guy gets punched in the mouth in the movies…I vom a little 
It’s intense and weird and I most likely need anxiety medication and or shock therapy
Jump to this past weekend when all my fears came to an intense and crushing reality as my precious little G suffered from quite the mouth injury…
We had one of G’s friends over from school to have a play date / parents have an excuse to drink a little to much wine while the kids entertain themselves type of night, when as soon as the wine bottles were about to crack open I see and hear the thud of two little heads colliding down the hall.
G had a head to mouth collision with her buddy and straight busted her lip and knocked both her front teeth loose
HOLY SHIT I wanted to stroke out 
the cry that came out of her mouth was that of sheer pain and agony and my heart instantly stopped as I feared all types of worst case scenarios
it was bloody and sad and just all around crazy scary for me….but I had to keep it together and not flip out for her sake and for the sake of her little friend. I didn’t want to further upset the kids with my ridiculous reaction…ya know?
So I acted cool and watched as through the night her mouth swelled to “real housewives” trout pout proportions
The next morning after a long night of exaggerated grumpy three year old antics, she finally let me take a look at her mouth and teeth..
She was black and blue, and swollen and had knocked one whole tooth backward and both front teeth were loose
ummmm….i died
I called the dentist and she assured me all would be OK..
that most likely the teeth will set in there new position and will tighten back up, and maybe they will change color a bit and go gray
GO GRAY!!!!!???
I mean…..what the hell?
One day G will punch my teeth for posting these pictures of her but I don’t care….these may as well be my own teeth because I am pretty sure this hurts me more than it hurt her
bringing the drama out in this Mama..
anyways, the point of this post is strictly for sympathy…haha
and an excuse for me ducking out on blogging, while I tend to my spawn

did I mention she is sick with a nasty cough and cold..??
woe is me…woe woe woe is me and G
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