Noteworthy: Barcelona Eclectic

Well how the hell are you Monday people?? The good news is no one I know has Ebola. The bad news is G baby has the flu from hell and I feel like it’s coming my way next. It’s seriously inevitable in our house that as soon as it drops a degree or two we all get sick. Its baloney! But it could be much much worse, so I am happy that the flu is the extent of our health issues. Anywwhoooooooo y’all know I love geeking out on a killer pad. this house tour I am about to show you did not disappoint. Its modern, and a bit country chic, and eclectically bohemian all under one roof and I dig it. There is a fine line between too much “stuff” and just the right amount of “stuff” and this house has the right amount in my book.  There are definitely a few things I would remove from the walls (like the art above the sofa in the Living room)but for the most part i’ll take it. In fact I plan on buying a ticket to Barcelona (pronounced Barth-Elona) and drawing the owners out waving a red cloak, and then squatting in the house until they light it on fire and smoke me out.

Yep….just like that.







via nuevo estilo 



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