One room 2 Looks with: Naomi of Design Manifest

Who loves the blog Design Manifest?.???……..  I DO, I DO!!! That’s why I was squeal happy when she said she would play the one room 2 way game. Naomi and her fantastic blog is among “my dailies” and just in case your new to her fabness she was also just featured in the new “House of Fifty” She has a killer eye and a flair for some Boho Genius.

Check It!!!


Hey Guys! I’m so excited to be here today for One Room Two ways.  I think Amber and her blog are pretty rock n roll and I especially love this series.  As a manic re-stylist, its fun to see what how other bloggers re-invent spaces. I took this as an opportunity to tackle my sofa. This is a true style story, a real-life before and after, or as I prefer to think of it…

When I bought my first big girl sofa I knew exactly what I wanted: clean lines, mid-century feel, gray upholstery. I found it in Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ Martin Sofa. It was the bees knees until I moved into a new loft space recently and decided to completely reinvent my life decor style.

Not wanting to buy a new sofa, I made it work for awhile…

Then one day I had the brillz idea to have a slipcover made.  20 yards of yummy linen later and I have a more neutral, softer sofa.  I also switched out the end table, pillows, and rearranged my coffee table, ‘natch.

Now it’s like I have two sofas, which is pretty much the best thing ever.  I’m totally loving the skirted style and am enjoying my little boho-chic fantasy.  But I also like that if I ever want Mid-Century Martin back, all I have to do is pull off my slipcover.  Winner!

Next up: Figure out what to do with the ugly doors behind my sofa.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little makeover.  Amber, thanks so much for having me over!  This was totally the kick in the ass that I needed to get my pillow sewing done.

Dude you are the one who is rock and rollin’. 
Thanks for playin Naomi!
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