one room at a time



who’s ready to just dive right in??

This is only just the tip of the giant iceberg of bad paint, crappy carpets, and lame plantation shutters, that live in the New house I am about to reside in. Because I am an optimist, I can see straight through the nasty noise of it all and see the end game.

But man oh man is it gonna be tough.

what I am dreaming of…


chair (vintage from craigslist) + striped storage bins + light fixture + rug (vintage) + bookshelves + desk + clipboard + pens +

and…here is what my office looks like currently…





yep, baby poop on the walls and beige bollocks on the floors.

the ceiling fan will be burned in a pile on the driveway along with the rest of the light fixtures in the house

(just kidding, I wont burn them..I will throw them off a cliff)

I ain’t afraid though

i got this

who has faith??

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