Posted on by Amber Lewis

Sooooo it’s often you’ll find me perusing the interweb for fun things that I can pretend to own or buy for other lucky richer than thou clientelle. I am sure you smarty pants in the world may already do the same thing as me but I figured I would talk about it anyway. Wanna know a trick I use often when searchin for knock out fabrics for pillows and such? I check out SCARVES… The cheap ones are sometimes the best.
Let’s discuss….. A cheap yard of fabric is typically around the 12-15 dollar a yard range…. A cheap scarf can be in the 9-12 dollar range and typically WAY more awesome than the typical cheap fabric off the bolt. And, way more than a measley old 36″ yard. Case in point…my bed…17 dollar ikat scarf from H&M…Big and Beautiful…

here is some more stuff to get ya thinkin.

forever 21

charolette rousse

american eagle

Lane Bryant


Cost Plus