Hi Look Linger Lovers! Amber here from Amber Interiors. I was super thrilled when Chassity asked me to guest post while she was shmoozing it up at BlogFest 2011. Ummm, raise your hand if your jealous!!!! Anyways, I had free reign to post about whatever I wanted to, so I took some inspiration from all the flowers blooming in Sunny Southern California and those amazing new curtains hanging in the offices of Lonny Mag. Have you seen them? You must…here.
 I usually try not to go to feminine in my designs, but I am dying to bring some of these bold florals into someones house!  Plus Chassity has such a feminine and pretty sense of style I thought a touch of lady-vibes would fit in just swell.  What do you lovers think? 
Would you flower power a whole room or at least add a bit-o`-petals?


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