So this week the Duck and I have decided to Reboot our lives….
What the hell does that mean you ask???
It means we are going to pull out all the stops and go on a juice fast.
That’s right lovers
We are officially the stupidest people on the face of this earth.
You see it all started with a movie
Have any of you seen the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead“? 
Well we watched it and it done gone and messed with my head
Slapped me with a super dose of reality… 
SO this movie 
Is about a fat Australian guy who after suffering for years from an array of weird sicknesses and various ailments decided to try juicing as a means to better his life and “reboot” his system.
Over the course of 60 days he lost like 9 million pounds and got all crazy energetic and healthy.
During his travels to get healthy he recruited some fat American trucker fella to join in his crazy antics and try to un-fattify himself also. Well that fat dude lost a bunch of weight too and also went and got himself crazy healthy.  
By the end of the movie he was running through snow and shit.
Anyways, the movie was amazing and we have decided that it’s time to get healthy and jump start our health.
I am totes not doing this for weight loss, however on a completely personal note,
 I did gain
  A LOT 

of weight when I was pregnant
 And I am still here, 2 years later trying to shed the last 15lbs. I Will not be bummed if in the process of this crusade for health I loose my muffin top and possibly this third chin I have acquired
Seriously, if I don’t drink about a gallon of coffee every morning I have zero energy to get through the work day and take care of G.
Hopefully this reboot can just get me back to normal.
Here is a round up of what you do….
take a whole lotta these
2nd: shove them into this thing
3rd:  drink what comes out the spout…
all day long for 7 days….
OK ??
so Day 1 starts this morning…
Wish me luck, that I don’t give in a run into crispy cream and hold some doughnuts hostage
Make sure you watch the movie here

and look at the reboot program info here

Back to posting about interior design tomorrow.
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