Posted on by Amber Lewis

Ok Are you ready for this….Basically I am the proud owner of all five of these rugs!! All five for under 1000 buckeroonis….

here goes the story..

Remember a while ago when I posted my Kitchen and I showed you the rug which was supposed to be going in it….well E-Bay is a funny beast, and Turkish Rug Vendors are always tempting me with things like the above…So here we go…New Turkish Kitchen Rug! Frankly I needed a punch of red in my life and at $450 bucks… not bad
Then I needed a punch of pink and orange and turquoise…so I purchased this beauty, which is flipping STUNNING and only 200 dollars.
Thennnnnn I needed a hallway runner so I snagged this Robshaw off One Kings Lane. 2.5′ x 9′ for $98 bones. {I haven’t received this rug yet, but to be honest I am a bit dubious that the color is gonna look bland against all my bright and pretty rugs}
Then I hopped over to Ikea and this 8’2″ x 11’6″ old faithful was in the clearance as is for….$150 bucks…normally $299. Can anyone say SWEET DEAL?
Then, last but not least this little gem of a jewel has no home in our house yet but will most likely reside in our bathrooms…as soon as we can afford to smash them into smithereens them.
On a  side note…I have tons of DIY shit to show you lovers, but A LOT of it is not quite completed. For example I painted G’s Ikea dresser and it’s reeeeeaaally cute, but I have no hardware yet. So you can’t see it until it’s completed..Sorry. 
Also I made curtains and recovered an ottoman, and painted an old draper knock off dresser….